I’m a Financial Planner_ Here Are 3 Things To Always Spend Money on If You Want To Be Rich (1)


Certain expenditures, such as buying luxury clothing or making impulsive purchases every day, don't offer the kind of long-term value required to live a rich life. The appropriate course of action is to carefully invest in assets for each of the three keys you want to achieve rather than spending all of your money on these purchases.

What are the three elements required to get wealthy? GOBankingRates discussed building a strong financial foundation, increasing your marketability, and investing in your health with David Edmisten, CFP, founder and lead adviser at Next Phase Financial Planning.

Strong Financial Base

The first step to being wealthy is to have a strong financial foundation. For one's financial holdings, Edmisten advises buying a balanced combination of stocks and bonds.

Stocks are growth assets, according to Edmisten. Over a long length of time, they contribute to wealth growth and outperform inflation. Investing in bonds can yield interest and dividend income in addition to dividend-paying stocks. As a result, cash flow can be generated to aid with retirement income.

What benefit does investing in stocks and bonds have? Easy to accomplish. Edmisten advises the majority of people to speak with a financial adviser to make investments in line with their risk tolerance.

Increasing Your Own Personal Value at Work

You can enroll in a number of programmes right now that can help you become a valuable employee. Edmisten suggests thinking about the following choices:

  • Coaching
  • Training
  • Classes

You may raise your earning potential by enrolling in these courses, which not only help you develop your talents. You may raise your earned income by investing in these programmes and using them to hone your current abilities (as well as develop some new ones), according to Edmisten. More wealth can be accumulated as a result.

Spending Money on Your Health

We frequently fail to prioritise our health as a crucial self-investment. There are various things you may buy and use every day to make an investment in your own health and well-being. This goes beyond investing in home workout equipment or signing up for fitness classes. Edmisten also suggests taking up an active hobby, eating healthily, and learning to cook.

According to Edmisten, being wealthy is not always about having a certain amount of money saved up. It entails leading a wonderful life, of which maintaining excellent health is an important aspect.

According to Edmisten, "Living a healthy lifestyle can help you live longer and have a better quality of life." In addition, it can help prevent expensive medical problems later in life, thus maintaining good health has a definite financial advantage. You'll feel better and have more money to spend on the things you enjoy if you have fewer medical expenditures.


Investing in stocks and bonds offers several benefits for building wealth. Firstly, stocks are growth assets that contribute to wealth growth over time and can outperform inflation. Secondly, investing in bonds can provide stable and consistent returns, especially when held to maturity, and they tend to be less volatile and less risky than stocks. Additionally, interest rates on bonds are often higher than savings rates at banks, CDs, or money market accounts, making them a potentially better option for generating income.

Apart from investing in assets like stocks and bonds, there are three key elements discussed by David Edmisten, CFP, for achieving wealth:

  • Building a Strong Financial Foundation: This involves buying a balanced combination of stocks and bonds to create a strong financial base. It is advisable to consult a financial adviser to align investments with your risk tolerance.
  • Increasing Your Marketability: Enrolling in programs such as coaching, training, and classes can help enhance your skills and increase your earning potential. By investing in personal development, you can become a more valuable employee and increase your wealth.
  • Investing in Your Health: Prioritizing your health is an essential aspect of living a wealthy life. Besides investing in fitness-related activities, it is recommended to adopt an active hobby, maintain a healthy diet, and learn to cook. Leading a healthy lifestyle can help you live longer, have a better quality of life, and reduce future medical expenses.

By carefully investing in assets, focusing on personal development, and prioritizing health, individuals can increase their chances of living a rich and fulfilling life, rather than spending money on purchases that do not offer long-term value.